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2000 - 2020 South of the Equator Monthly Moon Phase

This 20 year calendar is great for anglers, hunters and gardeners south of the equator who need to look back in time and in to the future to find the phase of the moon on any given day. Planning your events around the phase of the moon is easy with this moon phase tracker. The calendar's waxing and waning is geared for the Southern Hemisphere. There is also a separate calendar for the Northern Hemisphere.

Moving within the Eclipses

J McCaul, February 19, 2017

If you are seeing this particular message, that means that you are visiting us on the new server. This transition should be more smooth than last year's crash and burn of a server collapse. If you encounter any problems on the pages, email us (via contact page) to tell us which URL is not working, what is not working, and if there is an error message, what the message is. This new server should provide more bandwidth at less expense.

Last week was the lunar eclipse and this week is the solar eclipse. A great indicator of change, and we are taking advantage while we can. Thanks for your support and patience!

New Year is Going Over the Limit

J McCaul, February 1, 2017

We hope that your New Year is everything that you had hoped for. For the most part, the site pages have transitioned well. Where we are experiencing the most problem is that the site is being attacked by Spam Bots that eat up our bandwidth. We can't afford to keep enlarging our bandwidth limits. We have blocked as many IPs from these bots, as possible, without slowing down the site.

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Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Some Year End Transition Issues

J McCaul, December 15, 2016

We are working on getting the 2017 calendars updated. But we also have discovered that there have been some issues with bad code on the pages that pulls in the information. Thank you so much to those individuals who sent emails to let us know which pages were having issues. If you encounter any other issues, please don't hesitate to let us know by emailing us via the contact page along with the URL of the page that is having issues.

Part of the issues developed as a result of the server crash/rebuild in February. We were relying on some older pages that used older code/scripts. Hopefully, we have these fixed now.

Happy Holidays as we move into the new year.

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Moon Tracks is ALMOST all Back!

J McCaul, February 20, 2016

The pages are 95% done. While the DNS to is still not totally resolved for a lot of people. I am removing the IP address since it should no longer be needed. Just a WARNING for people coming in on the IP instead of the .com address is that some of the inner links tap to the URL so some pages will not always open for next month, etc.

If you need to get a hold of me, use my facebook account for now.

Thank you so much for your patience while we struggled to get back online.

Our Apologies for the Massive Meltdown

J McCaul, February 16, 2016

We rent a server that apparently had a major critical failure. All backups were lost in the process. We are rebuilding from an older backup. Unfortunately, this will take us time to rebuild our databases, calendars and all our pages. In all honesty, we noted that there were issues with weird problems popping up as Mercury moved into the first shadow of the recent retrograde (approximately December 20, 2015) and we are finally on the mend now that Mercury has moved past the second shadow phase (February 15, 2016).

As the calendars and pages are completed we will post the links to them again. Thank you for your patience.

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September 2017

Lunar Calendar

The main focus of our astrology calendars is on the Moon; "La Luna." So we have a wide range of lunar calendars pertaining to the Moon's movement through the zodiac, the void of course (VOC) transit, the Moon's phases, and the important dates of New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipse events. The daily activities guide is a useful tool for planning through the month. All information is based on Tropical aka Western Astrology

3° Sagittarius 44'
Moon Phase
26% of Full
Waxing crescent
Current time is:

Planet Calendars

The Moon's transit is not the only important information. We also provide dates concerning planetary ingress, retrograde motion, overall planetary influence charts, and older calendars so that you can always look back in time.

Ephemeris Tables

The day to day information about transits would not be complete without access to an ephemeris. All the ephemeris tables and charts on this site are created using GMT unless indicated otherwise on that page. Many individuals are curious about declination information. Follow the links on the declination page to read more about the purpose of declination charts.

Planetary Places

Moon Moon Sagittarius 44'
Sun Sun Libra 36'
Mercury Mercury 21°Virgo 44'
Venus Venus Virgo 39'
Mars Mars 12°Virgo 45'
Jupiter Jupiter 26°Libra 49'
Saturn Saturn 21°Sagittarius 58'
Chiron Chiron 26°Pisces 17' Retrograde
Uranus Uranus 27°Aries 29' Retrograde
Neptune Neptune 12°Pisces 19' Retrograde
Pluto Pluto 16°Capricorn 51' Retrograde
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Time Zones Adjustable

Although not an astrology calendar, per se, the Eclipses, Full Moon and New Moon information pages allow the guest to adjust the time of the event to his/her time zone. This adjustable function gives the most complete information for planning the day in accordance to the Moon and Eclipse events. Most of the Moon Tracks astrology calendar times/dates are "stationary" based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). However, under our Moon Calendar category, the three pages have a changeable option with the default Universal Time (UT).